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Women In World War 1

Women At Home

Women in War
Women At Home
Right To Vote


As World War 1 progressed more and more men were going over seas, and with this a lack of employees in factories. It quickly became apparent that women were needed to fill in this loss. The women mostly worked in ammunition factories dealing with explosive chemicals. This was a very dangerous and unhealthy job, and the women worked in poor conditions. One of the chemicals that the women worked with was sulphur. Being that there was no protection against this chemical, the women's skin started to consist of a yellow tinge it also damaged their lungs. In addition women worked long hours filling bomb shells with exlosives and with this accidental explosions were always at risk. Through all this women's wages were half of what the men were being paid.
The women not only worked with ammunitions but also worked as power machine operators. In an effort to produce more skillful women into the working industries, schools had been set up to train women in upholstering, trimming, and other work calling for skilled operatives.
One factory manager was quoted as saying, “Women were seen as quick learners and that in some departments they are more efficient than men, although those departments have been employing men exclusively for years.”
Women also had to take over the farm work. An organization was fomred called the Women's Land Army. Theses women were paid 18 shillings a week and had to bring in the harves and keep the farms going.

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